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Input Data

This panel allows users to upload the data that will be analyzed in Covid-19 Explorer.

Your data should be a .XLSX file (recommended) or a .CSV file.

The data must have two essential columns: An ID column and a DATE column. In addition, we can add the numerical and categorical variables that we want using the following nomenclature in the Excel file columns:

  • The column containing the ID must start with “id_”.
  • The column containing the date must contain the word “date”. (Only one column can contain the word “date”. Otherwise the program will fail in some functionalities).
  • Factor columns (such as gender or patient outcome) must start with “f_”.
  • Categorical columns (such as the unique identifier of the database) must start with “c_”.
  • Numeric columns that will not be transformed (such as age) must start with “n_”. These variables will NEVER be transformed.
  • Numerical columns able to be transformed (such as hematological variables or cytokines) must start with “tn” (transformable numeric"). However, the variables in this block will not always be transformed, since we can change the settings in “Advanced settings” for some variables and make the variables “n” and “tn_” equivalent in some cases.

In all the above cases, upper and lower case do not matter since the program will change everything to lowercase, also changing the blank spaces to “_”.

User can also select the desired observations (rows) in the 'Processed Data' panel by clicking over it to subset the data. Since the moment that user select one or more rows in “Processed Data” panel, ALL plots of Covid-19 Explorer will be focussed ONLY in those selected observations. To deselect all rows, click on “Process” again.

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