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Volcano Plot

Volcano plot is a type of scatter-plot that is used to quickly identify changes in large data sets composed of replicate data. It plots significance versus fold-change on the y and x axes, respectively. As a prerequisite for invoking the volcano plot, you must run a Differential gene expression analysis. This web tool performs a strong (volcano plot) of a dataset uploaded by the user and allow to change the thresholds for y and x axes to select which genes are desired to be emphasized. You need to perform this steps to have a nice volcano plot :) :

  1. Upload your file: We need the data file to perform heat map with the web tool:

    • Data file: Load your data (usually a toptable derived from a differential expression analysis) of interest in .csv or .txt format, knowing in advance how the values and decimal numbers are separated. The minimal columns you need in your data file are (the columns name should be the same as follows):

      • Gene Symbol: A column with the name/identification of the genes.

        logFC: A column with the biological change, usually fold change

        B value: A column with the statistical significance.