Welcome to OMICS integrator!

This application integrates different OMICS analysis applications.

File manager

Upload your analysis files.

Run analysis

Analysis type

Select the type of analysis type to do: VolcanoPlot, PCA, etc, and select the analysis application to use.

Input data

Provide the data for your analysis application.

Run analysis

Execute the analysis application selected. For a type of analysis several applications can be available.

Uploaded files

File preview

Select an application

For the selected analysis type the following applications are available.


OMICS Integrator

This application allows to upload the files from an omic data study and run different omic data analysis applications.

OMICS integrator

The application menu is divided in the following options:

  • Home: introduction page of the application.
  • File manager: allows to upload the files from an omic data study.
  • Run analysis: allows to select the omic data analysis application, providing the files required by the application and execute it.
  • Help: application manual.
  • Terms & Conditions: terms & conditions of usage for the application.
  • About Us: details about the VHIR team.

File manager

To run the omic data analysis applications, the user must provide the files from the omic data study. These files can be uploaded in the File Manager option. The file manager is divided into 3 sections:

  • On the left side, it allows you to select a file, configure the options and add it to the file manager.
  • On the right side, the Uploaded files section shows the files available in the file manager.
  • On the right side, the File preview section shows a preview of the data of the last uploaded file.

File manager

Add a file

To add a file to the file manager:

  • Select the CSV file from the directory where it is stored on the computer.

  • Configure the file options:

    • Header: indicates if the first line of the file corresponds to the header with the names of the fields.
    • Separator: field separator.
    • Decimal separator: decimal separator for numeric data.

    The File preview panel shows a preview of the file data using the configured options.

  • Define the file type: TopTable, expression array, etc.

File manager - add a file

  • Click the Add file button. In the Uploaded files panel the added file is displayed.

File manager - file list

Remove a file

To delete a file from the file manager, press the Delete button displayed for the corresponding file.

Run analysis

After uploading the study files to the application as described in the previous section, this option allows to the user to select the analysis application and the required data required to run the analysis.

In the Analysis type panel, select the type of analysis to be performed in the Select the type of analysis field. When selecting an analysis type, a description of the analysis type is displayed next to the previous field, and at the bottom the applications that have been integrated into the system to perform this type of analysis. For example, in the following image we can see that when selecting the VolcanoPlot type of analysis, there are 2 applications: VolcanoPlot and VolcanoPlot 2.

Analysis applications available for VolcanoPlot analysis type

Moving the mouse over the applications displays a panel with additional information about the application and a button to select it.