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Heat Map Plot

Heat map is a graphical representation of data where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors. Consists of a rectangular array of colored blocks, with the color of each block representing the expression level of one gene on one array. Typically, in a heatmap, shades of red are used to represent degreees of increasing expression, and shades of green are used to represent degrees of decreasing expression. Each column of boxes represents a sample and each row of boxes corresponds to a gene. Besides, it is very common to perform a hierarchical clustering of samples and/or genes and to sort the columns and/or rows according to the resulting dendogram to emphasize the presence of groups. This web tool performs a strong(heat map plot) of a dataset uploaded by the user. You need to perform this steps to have a nice heat map plot :) :

  1. Upload your file: We need the data file to perform heat map with the web tool:

    • Data file: Load your datamatrix of interest in .csv or .txt format, knowing in advance how the values and decimal numbers are separated. You can easily do it with any spreadsheet. Be sure you put the samples in columns and the variables of study in rows. Use the first column to put the variables' names or leave it in blank if you want (since this column is not used). See dades.csv to see and example of a file.

  2. Settings: We need to configure some parameters before run the application

    • Does the data need to be scaled? Sometimes it is necessary to transform the data to put it in the same scale.

    • Please enter the title plot: Here you have to put a word or few words to complete the sentence: Heat Map of

    • Do you want to draw a dendogram? You can decide if you want to draw a dendogram by columns, row, both or none